Fabrics We Manufacture

Hornwood’s manufacturing capabilities are as wide in scope as the vast markets it serves. The company’s expertise offers both breadth and depth, providing solutions and allowing the customers to capture real value. Hornwood can manufacture both warp and circular knitted fabrics, in both stretch and rigid constructions. Quality and color consistency are paramount to Hornwood, which offers both stock and custom shades.


Mesh: Our mesh products are available in various hole sizes from micro to porthole. Customers may desire finishes including repellency, moisture movement, anti-microbial, and fire retardant. This product is manufactured for the athletic, banner and expo, medical, apparel, and footwear markets.

Brushed and Sueded: Available in light and various brushed and suede levels. Finishes may also be applied including water repellency, anti-microbial, and fire retardant. These products are used in the automotive, theatrical, interlinings, upholstery, bedding, apparel, and footwear markets.

Stretch: This product is engineered specifically for power uses, athletic, medical, banners and expos, print media, automotive, filtration, footwear, industrial, medical, and apparel industries.

Solid: Available in heavy weight, light weight, sheer, and rigid fabrics for the uniform, banner, print, media, automotive, filtration, footwear, industrial, medical, and apparel industries.

Yarn Dye: Designed for athletic, footwear, and specialty markets.

Novelty: High tech designed fabrics for the military, footwear, and medical industries.

Inherently FR: Fabrics engineered to meet no melt, no drip and other fire retardant standards. Markets include protective clothing and military.

Synthetic Fleece: Fabric offerings include various weights, loft, and stretch all available either single sided or double face. Markets served are athletic, outdoor, military, and horticulture.

Sustainable Fabrics: The vast majority of all Hornwood’s products are offered in yarns made from a recycled or renewable resource.