Functional Fabric Solutions

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Functional Fabric Solutions

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Medical Gown Fabric

Fabric for AAMI

Level 1, 2, 3 and 4

Isolation Gowns

Reusable for up to 75 Washes

Fabric Made in the USA!

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We Can Supply the Complete Gown Package Too!

Delivering quality & innovation

Hornwood crafts a variety of cutting-edge materials for professional use. Hornwood’s US-owned and operated facilities utilize the in-house lab and research center to engineer the very best for clients at the top of their respective industries, all while enriching the community with school tutoring programs and scholarships.


Game Time Fabrics (GTF) is Hornwood’s line of innovative fabrics that have been a staple in the athletic and active wear apparel market for more than thirty years. GTF designs, develops, manufactures and distributes Athletic uniform fabrics for every sport, ranging from the pee-wees to the pros and are engineered to perform at the highest level. Advanced manufacturing capability and outstanding customer service have made GTF a true market leader and a reliable domestic source for companies that demand the very best from their textiles.

GTF provides our customers with an on-demand stock line of fabrics that includes 60 of our most popular styles in numerous colors. Customers may order as little as one roll at a time and our products will ship within 24 hours. This industry unique service allows Game Time Fabrics to serve as the extended warehouse for our fast-moving customers.

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Defense and Protective clothing

Based in Lilesville, North Carolina, Hornwood Inc. has been in continuous operation since 1946. The company takes tremendous pride in supporting the Armed Services of the United States by manufacturing a complete spectrum of American-made, Berry-Compliant military grade textiles. Built for the greatest military on earth, Hornwood textiles provide our service members with the world-class level of performance they deserve to execute their missions.

Hornwood also develops innovative textile solutions to protect people who work with oil & natural gas, fire services, electricians, and utility workers to name a few. Through the use of highly technical inherently flame-retardant yarns and advanced manufacturing techniques, Hornwood is able to provide protective textiles to support these workers during the most critical points of their jobs.